Shwinco Windows and Doors

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Based in Dothan, Alabama, Shwinco manufactures both impact-rated and non-impact vinyl windows and doors. Shwinco windows and doors are found in single-family homes, beach-front properties, high-rise condominiums, apartment buildings, assisted-living residences, commercial and government buildings, and military installations.


Bomb-Blast resistance, DP100+ and Missile Level E (an eight-foot two-by-four at 55mph) are among the merit badges pinned on our 9000-series windows. Shwinco faced the rigorous challenge of withstanding Florida hurricanes and engineered the strongest vinyl windows in the industry.

Energy Efficiency, Sound/Acoustical Resistance (up to STC 40), and Heavy Commercial Construction are among the specifications our products can be customized to meet. So, if you have a high-rise next to an airport that needs to meet Miami-Dade and Energy Star, give us a call.

We just call it "being nice and doing the right thing," but our customers seem to call it "the best service in the industry." Give us a call and see for yourself.

Window Styles

Single-Hung, Slider, Casement, and more!

Door Styles

Sliding Doors, French Doors, Multiple Panels


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